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Lompoc, California

In 2022, The Lompoc Theatre Project asked TheatreDNA to assist with the development of a strategic business and operations plan for their upcoming capital campaign to renovate the Lompoc Theatre, a beloved cinema house located in the historic downtown.

The study process began by first identifying goals for the new facility and evaluating the overall health of the organization set to mount this capital campaign. After material review, leadership interviews, and defining their current stage in the campaign, it was quickly determined that the project needed to expand to include feasibility and market analysis to ground the campaign and the organization in market realities. Lompoc is a rural town on the Central Coast with a population of 45,000. Even with a secondary market bookended by larger and more economically advantaged cities like San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, the programming, operations, and revenue projections needed to be more conservative and reflect the local economy.

Analyzing the market and demographic data led TheatreDNA to create an artistic program that was community-focused and authentic to the ethos of the organization, as well as executable in their market. The program included Las Posadas, film festivals with Universities, and STEAM events with the adjacent Vandenberg Space Force base. Business pro formas, staffing plans, and revised mission and value statements where then constructed to support this dynamic programming and capital campaign.

TheatreDNA provided facility and equipment assessment, utilization analysis, space programming, market study, artistic programming, and business operations planning and pro forma services.




Lompoc Theatre Project


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