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Lewisville, Texas

In 2022, the City of Lewisville commissioned a feasibility study to determine current utilization levels of their existing 10 year-old performing arts center and assess renovation and/or new construction solutions to meet volume demands and the expectations of citizens.

The study process began with interviewing 10 primary users groups along with the operations staff, key vendors, city leadership, and the economic development department. Space and date utilization data was pulled from the operator’s booking software and used to benchmark against the qualitative feedback from current user groups.

The analysis of the utilization data, user comments, and the operator’s future programmatic growth plans showed a need for more space inventory. Although not immediate since usage levels of Huffines Hall were 75% with support event spaces at 55-60% on average, the volume demand was significant with 945 booked events annually and warranted action. Population growth trends in the Lewisville area confirmed that this demand would only increase, which at that time the facility would reach max capacity.

The market analysis showed a gap in venue offerings just west of Lewsiville and in between Dallas and Ft. Worth. Given the client’s current user base and desires to do more commercial music and food and beverage events to stimulate downtown growth, the recommendation for flexible courtyard theatre that could go flat floor was made and concepted. Although enthusiastically embraced by all parties, lack of funding stopped the project from advancing.

TheatreDNA provided facility and equipment assessment, user group surveying, utilization analysis, space programming assistance, competitor profiling, artistic programming, and business operations planning and pro forma services. CORGAN provided user group surveying, space programming, concept diagramming, and cost estimation. Keen Independent Research provided market analysis, cultural facility inventorying, and touring product research.




City of Lewiville



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