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San Francisco, California

Under the leadership of Golden State Warrior ownership, including visionary entertainment icon Peter Guber, the Chase Arena theatre configuration is a design to create a 5,000 seat theatre in the middle of the 18,000 seat Chase Center arena, home of the Golden State Warriors.

Center court rigging in an arena is always a challenge to both theatre and event rigging as it's the location of the scoreboard. For Chase Arena, the scoreboard designed is the largest in the NBA, almost the size of the court. To achieve a safer and quicker way of rigging in that zone, a moving gantry grid was envisioned.

The gantry grid was a bi-parting 130,000 pound assembly that traveled at the high steel level, splitting to allow the large scoreboard to travel up into stoage, and a proper rigging grid to close behind it. The gantry grid now allows riggers to walk on tension wire grid panels, instead of walking beams, to rig productions.

Also envisioned for the small theatre configuration, future phases may include motorized side walls to create the "theatre" inside the stadium.

You can read more about the project from this 2018 Pollstar article:

TheatreDNA provided theatre planning, theatre design, and performance equipment design and specification, subcontracted to Theatre Projects.




Golden State Warriors


Arena: Manica
Arena Interior: Gensler
Executive: Kendall/Heaton Associates
Office: Pfau Long
Gatehouse: SHoP

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