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Los Angeles, California

The goal of the future community space is to grow, create and connect across boundaries to build enduring positive change, solidarity and collaboration amongst all residents of Watts. The guiding principles that have led the study and concept phase for this project are centered on the personal stories of community residents of struggle, redemption, willpower, and inspiration.

The proposed indoor and outdoor space will provide a critical amenity in the center of LA’s notoriously underserved Jordan Downs Projects public housing community. The proposed mixed-use community space and adjoining park and sited on an oblong 6.5-acre plot. The facility will aim to bring people together and be a catalyst for community-revitalization efforts with its enhanced green spaces and playing fields, providing much needed shaded areas within the urban terrain.

Initial space programming and concepting for the community center includes classrooms, a small multipurpose event hall with flexible seating, and an outdoor performance plaza. Sustainability will also be a key design feature, including a 45,000-square-foot rooftop photovoltaic system that will offset all the facility’s energy needs.

TheatreDNA is providing full theatre planning and performance equipment design for this concept study.


In Development


City of Los Angeles



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