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London Theatres

When it comes to historic theatres, and theatres designed to celebrate the audience, and the true nature of performance, there’s no better place to look than London. Home to some of the earliest and best examples of theatres that provide the ever-important connection between not only the audience and performer, but the audience to itself, Theatres of London, published in 2017, provides beautiful photos of nearly 50 of the best theatres that London has to offer.

From the historic West End theatres to the National, or The Young Vic to the Tricycle (one of my personal favorites), it features the best London has to offer. And, if the photos weren’t enough, the foreword by Mark Rylance is worth the price of admission. His realization that “he must play with the audience, and not at them” speaks directly to the relationship that we strive to create in every good performance space.

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