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The Music Center at Strathmore Anniversary

We can’t believe that it’s been 15 years since the opening of The Music Center at Strathmore!

A collaboration of both private and government entities, this project created a center for music and dance in North Bethesda, filling a gap in the available performance venues. It was also a great example of what can happen when people from different organizations work together.

This was one of the first projects that was not just a music venue, but also had a strong dance component; not the norm for a world-class concert hall. But, it also complemented the visual arts programming that was an important part of the Strathmore institution. Pairing music, dance and visual arts is a wonderful thing to do!. It can show how all the arts are a reflection of our lives, all under one roof.

The venue is a beautiful design, not just inside, but also the exterior. It has been designed to fit into the landscape gently. Built into the side of the hill, the entrance into the Center is not imposing but very inviting. With direct access from the local metro it’s connections to transport make it an ideal place for people of all kinds to come and visit. It was envisioned as a cultural hub for the region, and it has truly succeeded in becoming the place to visit in this part of Maryland. In 2018, they had over 400 performance for an audience of almost 150,000.

If you haven’t been in person, and are looking for live music, dance, or art, add it to your list!

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