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The journey of a thousand miles...

Make this the year that you do it! As an encouragement to my friends, colleagues, and those I have yet to meet, let this be the year that you start the journey....the year you take the leap...don't wait.

One of my favorite quotes has always been "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" by Lao Tzu. It was actually printed on a wall hanging in my grandmothers bathroom...I saw it every week as a may explain why I'm so dedicated to start, no matter how big the hill, or how long the journey may seem to be.

Just start. You can't finish if you don't begin.

So, Nike may not have said it first, but they possibly said it best..."Just Do It." Don't convince yourself it's too hard, or that you may fail.

Know that you'll either succeed, or can't lose, as long as you learn.

I hope to see you out there... And let me know about your journey....what are you starting that you've been putting off?

Let's go!


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