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Happy Birthday to the New World Center!

Happy Birthday to the New World Center! This project was one of the first to truly integrate architecture, technology and performance at the highest level of each.

It’s also a good example of how a great architect can make more out of the idea than just another concert venue. By creating a room where the walls are not only acoustic reflectors, but the surface for projections, the architecture became a part of the performance. Brilliant!

It’s also another good example of visual and musical art forms coming together to create a performance venue that is unique and special. But it’s not precious; the Center is also an experimental venue that allows New World to try new ways of engaging the community.

And, as we all well know, we live in an evolving world and audiences are consuming performing arts differently than in the past. Their ability to try different types of performances and different price points for their varied audience, all while collecting valuable data that they use to refine their program and offerings is brilliant.


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