Connection and engagement are key. Successful performing arts spaces acknowledge that a relationship exists not only between the performer and the audience, but between a single audience member and the other audience members, each of whom play a vital role in the performance.  


The theatre design must encourage and reinforce the constant exchange of energy and emotions between the stage and the auditorium. It must not just echo the energy created by an acting or musical performance, but enhance it.


We also believe that every project is different. Even though we must draw from the past, there are no "cookie-cutter" solutions.  


The strength of our company lies not only in the intimate understanding of how performance works but in the commitment to our clients and our approach to every project.


TheatreDNA principals and staff have contributed to the design, planning, and equipping of over 350 performing arts facilities, from small studio theatres for middle schools, to large performing arts centers for professional companies, throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world.


Regardless of size or budget, we take pride in achieving high quality spaces that:

  • ​​Allow effective and meaningful communication between the performer and the audience

  • Provide the tools and infrastructure to easily and efficiently support the logistics and vision of all the performance design elements

  • Are appreciated by all those using the facility: artists, operators, and patrons

  • Balance artistic, functional and technical requirements with fiscal responsibility

  • Adhere to the project budget

  • Are efficient and economical to operate for every department, at every level

  • Provide flexibility and expansion for future needs, both artistic and technological