Create Superb Performance Spaces

We educate and empower architects and owners through every step

of the venue planning, design, and construction process  


TheatreDNA® is the leading boutique firm offering full-service theatre design and planning while keeping our focus on the people who are the very core of the theatrical experience; starting with the planning and design of the facility, and ending with the opening performance. 


We begin by assisting those who work on the design of a project - architects, engineers, and contractors - to translate the language of performing arts into their designs and construction. We then translate back to the artists, helping them navigate the unique world of architecture, the building trades, and the construction process. Ultimately, our work is focused on supporting and enhancing the experience of anyone that designs, plans, visits, performs in, or manages the many different spaces we help design.   

We have been described as the “theatre conscience” of a project, and we’ll gladly take that.


But we’d prefer to think of ourselves as a Theatre Sherpa™.



Connection and engagement are key to a great performance space.

The performer and audience are partners in a shared experience.


We offer comprehensive theatre planning, theatre design, and theatre equipment design services for theatres, concert halls, arts centers, museums, event spaces, houses of worship, sports arenas, convention centers, and indoor or outdoor concert venues.



It’s hard to pick just a few projects to highlight, but we thought these represented good examples of the various kinds of creative spaces that TheatreDNA principals and team have worked on during our careers.